This is where I used to advertise printing services. Though still self-employed in the print industry I am no longer selling direct to the public. If you require any printing or design work, I recommend A Print & Design Ltd.

I am currently taking legal action against the police due to the deployment of undercover police officers into political activist groups, find out more at

Folk Punk Clashes are acoustic lyrical battles with string instruments. If you make folk punk music and are interested in clashing other folk punk artists, please get in touch.

Radical Wales exists as an independent platform for considered radical political analysis, commentary and discussion. Providing a space for the extra-parliamentary left of anarchists, communists, greens, left-republicans and socialists outside of the major political parties to explore issues important to them.

If you would like to give a political talk or host a campaign workshop in South Wales at events including Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair, Green Gathering, Surplus Fest, and elsewhere, contact me.